Naila Natural Cosmetics

Naila Natural Cosmetics is an online organic & beauty boutique. Not just because being organic & natural is trendy, but because we know that the products we use on our skin goes straight into our body. This fact inspired us to carefully make a selection of the huge amount of cosmetics brands out there, to end up with what we consider to be THE TOP-QUALITY, HIGH-PERFORMING ORGANIC & NATURAL SKIN CARE, HAIR CARE, BODY CARE AND FACE CARE PRODUCTS.

Mainly made in Germany all the products are produced with the best ingredients nature has to offer. Our products will not only make you look and feel good, they even have a positive effect on your soul and mind. Holistic Plants give you energy and power.


Everything we offer is free from parabens, SLS, artificial fragrance, petrochemicals, mineral-based oils, lactose-free.


As an earth and animal friendly company, none of our products we sell are ever tested on animals.

Speick Awards

Awards Company & Brand

  • Silver medal "Sustainable manufacturer 2011"
  • Top 3 of Germany's most sustainable brands 2013 
  • Germany's most sustainable brands 2013
  • 2014 CSR Award of the German Federal Government
  •  Silver medal "Sustainable manufacturer 2015"


Awards Products

  • Eve Reader's Choice Award 2016 
  • Natürlich Reader's Choice Award 2016 
  • Vivaness Best New Product Award 2016 - Natural Active
  • Vivaness Best New Product Award 2016 - Thermal Sensitive
  • Sustainable Packaging Award 2016, Runner-Up 
  • Vivaness Best New Product Award 2017 - Organic 3.0


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